How To Download Movies

🎥 How To Download (Video)

Watch the video “How to download movies from our website”


🖼️ How To Download (Screenshot)

1. Open your Browser , go to from the search box or url box

2. Select the movie which you want to download

3. Select movie quality

4. On next page, Click to Verify

5. Wait 8-9 secs as shown below image

6. As soon as the above button (PLEASE WAIT) disappeared, below button will appear as shown in below image (Click Double Click To Generate Link)

7. Now Click on Download Now as shown in below image

(Note: If you can’t see the button, just scroll up↑ the page a little bit)

Maybe you can not see step 4 – step 7, and redirected to step 8

8. Now click on CLICK HERE TO GET LINK as shown in below image

9. Next Page, you will see several download links are given. Don’t panic! you can download the movie from any links.

Note. If you can’t see the download option (file not found) from a link, then please try from another link.